Training Tracker

Training Tracker (not the final name)

Tracks activity and weight

Sorry for bad English. Any tips for improving it are welcome (see below).

This application for Andoid helps tracking your fitness and sport activities and some body parameters like weight, height and maximal heart rate. These values must be specified by the user, except weight, that can be obtained from some diagnosis scales with bluetooth (at this time only some models with non-standard protocol). During activities this application records data from some sensorswith ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technologies: heart rate monitors, footpods, bike sensors (speed & cadence) and GPS track. Some data can be uploaded to special site, where it can be watched in real time. Recorded track can be exported to the TCX file and uploaded to some sport sites like Endomondo.

Although there is a lot of serices and applications with better features and quality, this one have some important advantages. First of all, it's privacy. Although the application uploads data, including GPS location, to the website, the user don't have to trust his precious data to a service owner, like with other apps, because he can use his own server. Even more, there is no need for the server, because this application can store all its data locally. Also user can define some private zones and the GPS locations within that zones will not be exported to the TCX files. This is useful if the user begins runs right from the home and don't want to show it's location to anybody.

The second important advantage of this application is voice messages about current speed, distance and heart rate. Also smartphone imforms by voice about changing of HR zones and intarvals for interval training.

Of course, at this stage of development, the application has a lot of problems, that prevent its release. Since I'm focused on functionality, design and usablitily are below acceptable level. Many parameters are hardcoded in the program.

I'm planning to fix this problems and publish the applications in the Google Play store. Also the site software will be improved, in particular, multiple users' locations and other data will be displayed at the same time.

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